out of the shadows

Out of the Shadows


Product Description

We have been taking bad ideas from Satan since the fall. These ideas continue to place us in bondage. Ideas have the power to build or destroy lives, redeem or corrupt cultures, save or damn souls. John Maynard Keynes believed that the “power of vested interest” is a small matter compared to “the gradual encroachment of ideas.” I refer to Satan and demons as spiritual shadow forces, and those people who follow him knowingly (most unknowingly) as human shadow forces. Those who manage our world are not stupid; some are evil, some have the best of intentions, but all are flawed. It is with this situation that we see technology advance, allowing a virtual grid, a net of surveillance to strip every strata of our privacy from us, a system not only capable, but in many cases designed, to manage the population of the globe. We see our leaders from diversified countries trying to mold international governing bodies that can utilize these technologies to their greatest capacity; something that has the potential of being very good, or the most powerful evil force ever perpetrated upon the earth. We now see shadow forces coming out of the shadows and taking a fuller and more open advantage of the gradual encroachment of ideas. What is the Christian community called to do about it? The dangers are real, but so is our God. This book is a call to arms; a call to watch, occupy and overcome to the glory of God.

About the Author

Robert E. Herndon Sr. has been a student of the Bible since the early seventies, and has authored several faith based books showcased on this website. He writes using a variety of Biblical interpretations, but always remains faithful to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Robert lives with his wife and family in Phoenix, Arizona.