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Our mission at Faith Based Books is to provide reading material that will encourage Skeptics to become Searchers, and Searchers to become Believers. We strive to provide education, edification and entertainment for all those seeking faith based, Bible based books and gifts. - “Soli Deo Gloria”; Solely to the Glory of God.


John Eastman is a newspaper reporter covering homicides in Phoenix, Arizona. After the murder of his brother, Brian, John is exposed to his mother’s Christian beliefs on the end times. As persecution increases for Christians under the new global government, John fights to deny what is going on all around him. John’s spiritual struggle leads him to his own destiny in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Jorge Sanchez is a contractor and family man. His struggle to protect his family and reach his teenage son, Jose, for Christ becomes more difficult as the tribulation period unfolds.

David Blanchot was raised in a Luciferian family. On a recommendation made by David’s personal teacher, Lord Maitreya, David accepts the position of Chief of Security offered by the Prime Minister of Italy, Nicodemus Kotsos. David’s destiny is fulfilled as Nicodemus Kotsos and Lord Maitreya rise to global power for the glory of Lucifer.

White-Out is an end-time novel with a twist. The plot follows mid-tribulation eschatology. Christians must endure the first three and a half years of the seven year period known as the Great Tribulation. Those left behind face the Wrath of God without repentance, as the Biblical example in the stories of Noah and Lot. I wrote White-Out because I believe today is the day for salvation. Christians and unbelievers should be made aware that there is more than one Biblical interpretation pertaining to the end of time. One thing the Bible is very clear about is that we as Christians should be “watching” for signs of Christ’s return and the end of the age, and we should be serving Christ with our lives, even unto death.
Author: Robert E. Herndon, Sr.
If you are looking for Christian fiction that tackles the end times in a fresh "non-Left Behind" way, that is not only well developed, but entertaining, then this is the book to check out. With relevant issues and non-stop action and drama, this book is bound to enthrall you and keep you up through the night just to finish it.


Robert E. Herndon Sr. has been a student of the Bible since the early seventies, and has authored several faith based books showcased on this website. He writes using a variety of Biblical interpretations, but always remains faithful to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Robert lives with his wife and family in Phoenix, Arizona.

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